Why should we proud on INDIA

India is our motherland and it is our patriotic demand to love our motherland always. We have been growing up chanting – “Jai Hind” – “Vande Mataram” – and “I love my country” however, we don’t just say it, and we believe it with our heart and soul. No matter how wrong the people of country are, no matter the troubles that we go through in the country, our patriotic feel just doesn’t let us hate our country because after all, not everyone is at their worst and there are hope and scope of betterment always. We all are fond of our country – India and no two ways about it, but, have you ever questioned yourself that why are you in love with your country?

Read on and discover the reasons to love India and feel Proud to be an Indian

Our freedom struggle – Different countries had their share of revolution and so did the Indians. We all have grown up hearing and reading about our freedom struggle, the endless torture of British governors upon the poor Indians and our toiling struggle in breaking the bondage. These stories of Indian Heroes and Heroines who have laid down their lives to free, the coming generation from the oppression. This immense struggle is one of the reasons why we love our country. In a way, this free country is a gift given to our ancestors through battles against Britishers. Think of Independence Day, don’t your eyes get a little moist?

Bhagavad-Gita – You all must have come across the Bhagavad-Gita at some point of time, through a shake, a paragraph, a dialogue played in the movie or real life experiences. Bhagavad-Gita holds the treasure of truths across the boundaries or time, generations and eras. Moreover, it is definitely a reason to be proud of to know that the propounded knowledge that is scripted in the Gita on the land of our country is believed worldwide.

Plethoras of literature – Indians are blessed to be on a multilingual land. The writers and authors over here are not only written in regional languages like Orissa, Telugu, Marathi, Sindhi, and so on but also being recognized worldwide for their English literature. Right from Munshi Premchand to Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, our country has preserved numerous gems in the field of literature.

Secularism – While Unity in Diversity is what we all tend to believe, our country is one of the few countries on the globe which has no national religion. We believe in being fair and secularism is something that we all are proud of.

Right to Information – We are the largest democracy and our country is one of the few countries that provides right to information which implies that you can question the authorities, you have every single right of being informed about government. Our media are free and government ensures that it remains affordable to a common man.

If we sit to list down, maybe the list won’t just end, our cinemas, contribution in sports, music and culture at the global level is commendable and not just that, we are known to be ambitious by nature and hence we work harder and smarter and won’t step back in going an extra mile for our career. We don’t settle for less, basically. India is probably just a mass of land without Indians into it. Yes! We face problems, crib and cry, but once we go abroad our home country are something that we miss the most.

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