Why is Tibet not set free

Why does everyone want to "Free Tibet?" Why does everyone think Tibet wants to, or should be "free" from China? Do people really understand the situation?

For the record: The Dalai Lama was exiled by the Chinese Government. He is the one who wants a "free" Tibet. Why was he exiled? Because when he was in power over Tibet, he instituted slavery. 80% of the population of Tibetans under the Dalai Lama was slaves! He built an army to try to fight for "independance" from China, so he could keep slavery in place. He was defeated easily, and exiled.

Since his exile, he has learned to become more humane, and non-violent. And so he wants to "free" Tibet so he can return. As for Tibet's population, it is now less than 50% Tibetan, since in order for Tibet to advance in culture and industry, workers and management from outside of Tibet needed to be moved to Tibet. They have made Tibet into a thriving society.


So - the <50% of the population that is Tibet could not "vote" in freedom, and that would assume that the Tibetan people even WANT to be "free." The fact is - they do not. "Freeing" Tibet would be like "freeing" Texas from the USA (insert jokes here...). The fact is, Texas could not function on it's own, without the financial assistance from the Federal government. Likewise, Tibet could not survive on it's own without the financial support of the Chinese government. Texas would be eventually taken over by Mexico (insert more jokes here...). Likewise, Tibet would have to be taken over by... who??? Nepal... India??? They would be so much worse off than they are today, and they are pretty well off today!

So when you all say "Free Tibet," do you realize that the ones who want to free Tibet are the Monks who made the country into slaves, who want to go home?

Does this change your thinking?

Update 2:

Nick, you seem to know only what you have read about China. I live and work with Chinese natives every day. Chinese people do not work for pennies a day. That is decades old inflrmation. Go to China and you will see: millions of new cars in the cities, beautiful high rise condos. You don't buy those things working for pennies, and there are not that many high paid executives. these are normal working people like those of us in the U.S.

Go ahead -- free Tibet, and you will see them fail miserably.