Why is Squarespace advertising everywhere

Advertisements are on tv nonstop, on the internet all over the pages - I can't click anywhere on a webpage without accidently clicking on an ad, on billboard signs, on the walls at school and work, in reading material, magazines, airplanes, busses - both inside and outside... everywhere

I just about lost it when I saw an advertisement for DiGiorno's pizza... on my milk. Yes, literally on a 2 gallon jug of milk I bought, there was an advertisement for pizza. You would have thought you were buying pizza flavored milk!

There are advertisements everywhere. Perhaps this is why people are so obsessed with buying things. So many people are in debt because they spend more than they have. There is an episode of futurama that is about commercials showing up in peoples dreams. I think that the idea is funny but sad at the same time - If we were able to insert advertisements into people's dreams, we probably would have commercials interrupting our dreams... which terrifies the hell out of me..

I feel like I can't escape the advertisements. What do you think. Is it out of control?