Why is licking your elbow impossible

Wiggle Your Ears

Ever tried wiggling your ears? Turns out it's an ability that very few people have. Only about 10 to 20% of the population are natural ear wigglers. For them, it's easy. For the rest of us, it may prove to be an impossible challenge! To do it, you'll have to figure out how to get control of your auricular muscles -- they're the ones that allowed our ancestors to swivel their ears to point them in the direction of a sound. Are you up for the challenge? If so, give it a try!

Click through for more amusing challenges that you may or may not find impossible to do. Like this next one that involves a certain soup cracker...

Saltine Challenge

Think you can eat 6 Saltines in 60 seconds? It's a lot harder than it sounds -- especially as this challenge is supposed to be done without drinking anything. One minute is tons of time to get the crackers all chewed up. But trying to swallow them with a dry mouth is nearly impossible!

Lick Your Elbow

If you've never tried licking your elbow before, you probably think it sounds easy. It's not! For some reason, the upper arm is just ever so slightly too long to make this as straightforward as it sounds. Although, if you do succeed, don't bother calling Guinness World Records. According to them, "Being able to lick your own elbow is not, in any sense, a world record. If you're one of the rare few who can lick your elbow, save it for the water cooler."

Gallon Challenge

Think you can drink a whole gallon of milk in one hour? We don't recommend it! This challenge might sound amusing, but you won't be laughing afterwards. That's because it'll more than likely make you throw up. Why is this challenge so impossible? It's because your stomach is designed to only hold about half a gallon. If that's exceeded, your stomach's stretch receptors trigger the vomit reflex. On top of that, milk's high fat and protein content adds to the difficulty of digesting it.

If that doesn't sound appealing, here's a few more impossible challenges you might want to try..

Draw the Number 6

Try this perplexing challenge -- or better yet, challenge your friends so you can get a giggle out of their hilarious attempts at it! It involves multi-tasking:

  1. Sit down.
  2. Lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.
  3. At the same time, try to draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand.
  4. See if you can keep your foot going clockwise.

Impossible? You decide!

Fold Paper in Half More Than 7 Times

It seems like you should be able to fold paper in half more than 7 times. But it turns out that it's almost impossible... unless you have an incredibly large piece of paper, extremely thin paper, a special folding strategy, or industrial help. You've got to try it, though!

Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue

You're going to look pretty funny trying this one. But do it anyway. Touch your nose with your tongue -- if you can! It helps if you naturally have a long tongue -- or a shorter than average distance between your mouth and nose.

Slice of Bread Challenge

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread -- succeeding at the slice of bread challenge. This one involves eating a whole slice of bread in 45 seconds or less, without drinking any liquid. The difficulty is that the bread tends to soak up your saliva, leaving you with a stodgy wad of chewed up hard to swallow bread in your mouth. Yuck!

Separate 2 Interlocked Phone Books

Phone books are almost becoming obsolete in this day and age of internet lookup. But if you still have a couple lying around, and you've got the patience for it, go ahead and attempt this nearly impossible challenge. Interlace 2 phone books together, overlapping each page. Then try to separate them by pulling them apart. How hard could it be?

Twitch Your Nose

Remember those old episodes of 'Bewitched?' If so, you've probably tried to twitch your nose like witch Samantha Stephens. It's really tricky to do! Try this impossible challenge while looking in the mirror. Are you wiggling your nose -- or your lips?