Why is Cookie Clicker so addictive

Cookie Clicker is damaging to yourself and those around you.

Cookie Clicker is an addiction. Based on my extensive naturalistic observation, I have seen how far a person can and will go in order to keep clicking cookies. This behaviour is very closely related to the behaviour of addicts, supporting my statement about Cookie Clicker being an addiction.

Cookie Clicker is the only thing on the effected person's mind. Even during the short periods where Cookie Clicker is not being played, the addicted individual will talk about Cookie Clicker any chance they get. Unfortunately, many people I know have faced this horrible addiction and I have seen how it takes over their minds. One time, while I was helping an addicted child overcome his problem, another addicted man came and stole the conversation from me turning it into a twisted talk of obsession. There was another time that really stood out in my mind about how Cookie Clicker is always on the effected individual's mind. I was in the car with two addicted individuals and was trying to have a normal, healthy, conversation with one. Sadly, the other person interrupted the conversation to talk about his cookies, and in doing so, he ruined a game that me and the other addicted person have been playing for years. That was truly a soul crushing moment for me.

As the addiction gets worse, the effected person will forgo any form of healthy social interaction to feed his addiction. There have been many times where I would try to enjoy some social time with a person who is addicted to Cookie Clicker, but they will always choose the game over real people. Sometimes, although it is rare, they will participate in social activity, but their thoughts are quickly consumed by cookies and it shows in their choice of conversation.

Like any addiction, the Cookie Clicker addiction is damaging to those who care for the addicted individual. The addiction will cause those who care for the effected person to feel guilty. The addicted person's family may feel responsible for that person's addiction. They will question how they have allowed them to develop an addiction, or perhaps they fought hard to help the addicted individual but were not able to help. Regardless of the circumstances, those who are close to the addicted individual will carry guilt and blame themselves to a certain extent.

As I mentioned earlier, I know people that are effected by this horrid game. I have seen others try to explain to them how damaging a simple game could be but they refuse to listen, and to some extent, those people blame themselves for not trying hard enough and letting them get sucked into this dark place. Another way it could affect those around the effected person is by them downplaying the problem. Like any addiction, people close to the person could just live in denial about the effected person's problem. They might make excuses for the person's behaviour or downplay the problem. They could also be scared about addressing the issue, worried about the possible future for the person, so they choose to ignore it instead of dealing with it.

At first I thought that this Cookie Clicker was a simple, although completely boring, game. Oh how wrong I was. The game slowly consumes the players, like a child eating cookies. I thought it was just going to be another game that people would quickly get bored of or forget about a few days later, and because of these thoughts, the Cookie Clicker addiction had time to fully manifest itself in their minds, since no one was trying to stop them. Another way it damages those around the addicted person, is that the addiction controls their mind. When people are addicted to something their whole life revolves around the addiction. It consumes their mind turning them into a different person, which is scary to those around them. Instead of the person seeing you as someone who cares for them, they will only see you as someone who is getting in the way of the only thing they care about, Cookie Clicker. You can try all you want to help the person get over this Cookie Clicker, but they won't see it that way. You could turn the computer off, but instead of the nice person you knew and cared for they will turn into some monster, screaming at you for making them lose their precious cookies. They are no longer the person you cared for.

Playing Cookie Clicker even just once is dangerous. Like any addictive thing, it may take only one time to become addicted. Cookie Clicker has just enough stuff for someone to keep on "playing" right from the beginning. At first you start with nothing, but as you continue clicking you gather enough cookies for upgrades, which make it so you can get more cookies faster, making you repeat an endless cycle of pain.

Cookie Clicker also has achievements for you to get, which keeps you hooked on the game. Not only does it have the upgrades that were mentioned earlier, but it also has achievements. Some of these achievement titles prove that the creators of the game are well aware that it's an addiction by having the achievement titles relate to drug use. One achievement is "So baked right now", another is "Overdose", and these sayings clearly show the relations to drug use.

Even if you manage to beat this addiction there is always the possibility of having a relapse. Unfortunately, no one I know has overcome this problem, but based on my knowledge of addictions, it's a very real possibility that they could suffer from a relapse. Relapses are a miserable part of addiction, even after you overcome the problem there is still a chance it could come back at any time. Possibly because of stress, negative emotions, really strong cravings, or being around things that remind you of Cookie Clicker. It is very damaging to your life and you might have to avoid cookies for the rest of your life unless you want to relapse. So you shouldn't play the game, even just once.

By now you should realize how dangerous this so called "game" is and the harmful effects it has on not only the player, but also those who care for the player. I truly hope that this paper will open people's eyes about this so called game, and that anyone who reads this won't let anyone they care for get sucked into this Cookie Clicker.