Why do women make noise during sex

Anyone hooked on Wimbledon this year will be well aware of the fact that female tennis players (here's looking at YOU, Maria Sharapova) are far noisier than the likes of Nadal and Federer when it comes to hitting a grand slam.

And, thanks to a recent poll by Lovehoney.co.uk, it seems as if these high-pitched screams, breathless squeals and sexy grunts aren't just for the tennis courts; women are the noisiest in the bedroom too. Lulu was DEFINITELY onto something when she sang the fateful line - "You know you make me wanna SHOUT!"


One survey respondent drily remarked that women are just as prone to shrieking in the bedroom as they are during a tense tennis match:

"Sex is largely like the tennis at Wimbledon, the women are making far more noise!"

The poll quizzed 1,171 people (566 women and 605 men) on their sex lives and, in an unsurprising result, 94% of women admitted they were much louder than their partners during sex. And 70% of men were happy to agree!


So what's the deal here? Are women having a better time in the bedroom then their male lovers?


There's absolutely no scientific reason to explain why women are noisier between the sheets than men… although there's an age old theory that might just explain the shrieks and moans; are the girls FAKING those orgasms?

Let's all think back to Meg Ryan's famous deli scene in When Harry Met Sally

We'll have what she's having, we guess.

Could the noises be purely down to ladies faking an orgasm? Sex expert Tracey Cox definitely seems to think so, explaining that many women feel obliged to provide "evidence" of their enjoyment in the bedroom:

"One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide 'evidence' that they're enjoying themselves."

Now THERE'S a depressing thought. Maybe it's time that us girls need to give our vocals a break from all that screaming and focus on transforming a lacklustre bedroom experience into one that takes us to utterly new realms of orgasmic pleasure!

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Are you as noisy as Sharapova in the bedroom? Have you ever made a noise to fake it, or do you reach those top decibels when you reach brand-new orgasmic heights?