Why do guys only care about looks

Oh check that out... listen to you! First you said only looks, then you went on to list stuff like popular, skinny, and makeup. See the problem here? You're looking at lots of different things and thinking they're all the same thing.

But I get where you're coming from, because I was all that as a guy - plus I was painfully shy. Forget the friend zone, I couldn't even get that far with a girl. I ended up transforming my entire self because I was sick of who I was, so I totally get what you mean.

And yes, looks do matter for the first impression. But only for the first impression. Good looking people have it easier in life, and that's just a fact. Nothing you can do about it, so no use getting mad about it. But it's not the only thing, not by a long shot. I know this because I'm a scrawny ugly guy, and I got laid more than many gorgeous popular jocks in school.

Being a guy, I know how we all think. And I'm going to give you an edge over most of the other girls you know right now. Most girls are convinved that guys think just like they do, so they use techniques that would work on them. I mean using hints, subtle flirting, the hard-to-get game, and basically acting like they're interested then they're not. That stuff works on girls for one simple reason: Women only want what they can't have. (Don't deny it, you know I'm right) But we're the exact opposite.

Guys think like predators (some of us are predators, in fact), and predators don't chase what they don't think they can catch. Ever. Forget all that crap you've heard about how you have to make a guy guess whether or not you like him, and definitely forget that stuff about being subtle and mysterious. That works if you're trying to impress girls, but it's totally lost on guys. With guys, the direct approach is the only approach. I don't mean you want to jump on him and rip his clothes off (although that would work), but I do mean you have to be direct.

You know that question you just asked us, why doesn't an average looking girl get any attention from a guy? Go up to your friend-zone guy and ask him that right to his face. If he asks why you're asking, tell him straight that he's spending all this time chasing makeup-model-bimbo girls when he could have an interesting girl like you any time he wants. Seriously, do that. Then watch what happens, and I guarantee something will happen. It might not be that exact minute, but you won't have to wait very long.

If your friend-zone guy doesn't react at all, let him go. Some guys really do only care about looks, and there's no cure for douche bags so let him go. You were already born with an anus, so you don't need another one in your life. But i've got twenty bucks right here that says he'll start noticing you really quickly, so go do that.