Why cant I stop loving someone 1

I don't believe you ever stop loving someone once you have. Sometimes it may become hate (which is just a shove over the highly charged emotional line), but I don't think love ever completely goes away.

I think at some point you accept that you'll always have some feelings for them, but it just wasn't enough for it to work out. Seriously, you have two people who have history and baggage and they both need to be ready for a relationship at the same time..and with each other. It's not easy.

I will always care about my ex-boyfriend. He was a good man, who made me feel very adored and very special. I will always hope he's well and that the world is treating him kindly. I would never get back with him. His version of being honest and my version of honest were worlds apart. He felt he could say/do anything if his reasoning (mental excuse) was that he was trying to not hurt you. As much as I loved him (and I did), I couldn't live with that.

It took time. I had to look at the relationship and see it for what it was, and the differences in what we both feel is appropriate. And if all else fails, you have to say...it doesn't matter that I loved them, it didn't work out...their fault...my fault...nobody's fault. It just didn't work, and I need to accept that love doesn't always ends with "and they lived happily ever after".

As for having fantasies about him...it happens. See if you can change his face and name in the fantasy...mentally. Pick an actor...or someone else you think is hot. Just remember, a fantasy is just that...a mental vacation. Just try to change the "person" you're traveling with...

Good luck