Why are dentists doing botox

09 Feb Should You Trust Your Dentist to Administer Botox?

Dentists providing Botox procedures? Some people cringe at the thought, but we are here to tell you that you don’t have too. Botox actually has an imperative place in dental practice (whether it be for cosmetic or medical reasons), and the science behind what it does and why it works can prove why it’s so fantastic. In fact, dentists are the ideal practitioner to distribute the treatment to their patients over other physicians. The world of oral health holds many secrets, but Botox is one secret that we want you to know about.

Why have your Dentist administer Botox?

As dentists, we specialize in the oral and maxillofacial areas at a level higher than any other practitioner, which is why we make optimal candidates for administering Botox. The training we go through regarding these areas (head, neck, and facial region) is extensive, as well as the fact we have everyday experience injecting cranial nerves in sensitive areas of the head. We are also much more familiar with the overall complications that can arise in the facial areas that any other healthcare provider; meaning we will have a more comprehensive understanding of how to treat and remedy any problem that should emerge. And unlike other practitioners of Botox, we prioritize proper lip to teeth ratio, how the smile with reacts, and how the teeth relate to the soft tissue surrounding the injected areas. By letting your dentist administer Botox, you will feel more confident thanks to their encyclopedic knowledge of you and your facial muscles.

What are the medical benefits of Botox?

Often, most people assume that Botox is used for just cosmetic purposes such as smoothing facial wrinkles and tightening up collagen. However, Botox can be used for much more than that; clinical uses include treatment of TMJ, bruxism, and chronic facial pain. It can also be used complimentary to aesthetic dentistry for patients who are having trouble adjusting to new dentures, lip augmentations, or those who need facial muscle retraining. 

Along with providing so many patients relief from facial discomfort, Botox has also been related to positive outcomes for people with depression, periodontal disease, and high-stress levels. A study done in April 2009 by Dr Micheal Lewis said that patients who turn to Botox to treat these conditions have reported back as happier than before their treatment. This is said to be because having their ability to scowl or frown decreased results in a more positive mood (it appears our facial expressions reinforce our emotions). So, not only do most leave happier with their overall appearance, but they also are happier due to their enhanced emotional expressions.

What training do dentists go through for Botox?

There are many training programs available to dentists that would like to learn botox. For example, our Dentists Dr. Jeff Krawchuk trained through the Physician Training Centre and Dr. Ersilia Coccaro trained with Vancouver Laser and Skin Centre Inc  These training centres are well known for making sure that their students (and our doctors) learn get hands-on training for both fundamental and advanced Botox injections. There is always in-depth coverage and extensive information taught on precautions, protocols, treatments, and drafting up the ideal facial rejuvenation plan for different types of patients. When the training is as thought out and comprehensive as these programs our doctors have attended, there should be no need to worry about trusting your dentist with botox.

However, in the end, it all comes down to ease, convenience, and discretion for patients. It’s much easier to say you are attending a “dental appointment” than it is explaining you have a cosmetic appointment at your plastic surgeon’s office. Plus, atonly $10 per unit, True Dental offers Botox at a pleasing price!

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