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Why You Can’t Get Enough of Crime Dramas Like CSI

That there is a whole CSI Las Vegas exhibit devoted to all things crime-scene investigation may come as a surprise to those who aren’t crime drama fans. But for the people who can’t get enough of shows, like “CSI,” “Sherlock,” and “Castle,” this Las Vegas entertainment option comes as no surprise at all. In fact, for crime fiction fans, having an exhibit like this takes their popular culture obsession to a whole new level: It allows them to delve more deeply into the world of their favorite crime detectives. For others who are just now getting on board with the whole crime drama thing, a little more education might be in order. If you fall into this camp, then it may be helpful to learn a bit more about this mindset so that you can fully appreciate this exciting Las Vegas exhibit.

1. It Gives You a Look at Your Shadow…From a Safe Distance

Each of us has a shadow side to our psyche, one that isn’t something that’s acceptable to show to the outside world. This shadow side might include the desire to punch someone who makes us angry, to steal something we want, or even to off someone. Most of us never act on these impulses. However, having TV crime shows (or the immersive CSI experience in Las Vegas, that this exhibit provides) allows you to know what it would feel like, at least vicariously, to punch someone who makes you mad or to explore what it would feel like to get arrested for a serious crime, like murder.

2. We Learn About Crime Prevention

Many people, particularly women, use crime books and crime dramas to learn how to prepare for and to defend themselves against serious crime. Crime dramas teach viewers about victimology. They also introduce viewers to the criminal mindset and to certain self-defense techniques in a safe setting. Fans of crime dramas become part detective themselves; they are given the chance to try out some of these crime-solving techniques and self-defense attitudes on a subconscious level by watching their favorite shows each week.

3. It’s a Rush

No doubt about it, crime dramas provide viewers with a bit of an adrenaline rush each week. They bring up powerful emotions, not the least of which is fear, in a controlled setting. Many people actually get a jolt of adrenaline and other hormones by watching crime shows on TV, making them a little addicting for many fans of these types of shows.

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