Who would win Nappa vs Fasha

Hello everyone, Roban here.

In this blog I will talk about who is the better race, Namekians or Saiyans.

Obviously is Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta far strong than any Namekian ever has been but I will comapere the avredge Saiyan to the avredge Namekian.

I will also not just compare their raw power but also things like potential, intelligence and even reproduction.

To make this more interesting I will set up a senario where the Saiyans try to take over Namek.

Let's get started.

                       [Power and Speed]

In the Dragon Ball universe is both the power and speed of a person depends on their power level.

Now I know that power levels aren't 100% accuret but it's the closest thing we can get.

It's comfiremed that Raditz power level was about 1500

Now Raditz it's also implied by Nappa and Vegeta that he was a low class Saiyan.

If we look at Nappa who is an elite class Saiyan.

It's also comfirmed by the Daizenshuu that Nappa's power level was 4000.

The power level of the Namekian warriors that fought Frieza's men was 3000 so we can assume that that's the power of the avrege Namekian warrior.

If we look at an elite Namekian like Nail we see that his power level is 42000.

I don't think that every elite Namekian is that strong since Nail is Elder Guru's body gaurd.

I do however not think that the elite Namekians have power levels far above 20000 since that's the power level of Frieza's elite warriors like Zarbon and Dodoria and they were able to kill almost all Nakekians by them self except the one time Frieza fought Nail.

The Namekians are the winners in power and speed because the power level of an Namekian warrior almost matches that of a Saiyan elite.


This one will be hard to calculate since the most damage Dragon Ball characters suffer is from being attacked in a fight.

The power of those attack depends on the oppenents power level so the durabillity also depends on their power level.

I have to give this one to the Namekians too

                     [Skills and Abillitys]

Most Saiyans and Namekians posses the ability to fly and control their Ki to make Ki waves and Ki blasts.

That's how far the Saiyans go in this category.

The Namekians as a really good regenration and can heal themself completly as long as their heads are not damadged.

The Namekians can unlike most Saiyans sense Ki and tell how strong a person is and where they are.

The non warrior Namekians like Dende posses strong magical powers and call heal others in an instant wich is a very useful technique.

The Namekians also wins this one.


Both the Saiyans and Namekian posses technology they can use for interplanetary travel.

They have both really fast space ships but the Saiyans have by far the better ones.

It took 30 days for Bulma, Krillin and Gohan to go from Earth to Namek while it only took 6 days for Goku.

The Saiyans also have strong yet flexible armor.

They also have scouters which let's them detect life forms and see their power level.

The scouter can also be used for long distance communication wich is shown when Nappa and Vegeta learn about the Dragon Balls because Piccolo told Raditz before he was about to die.

It arguable if the counts as technology but I didn't find any better categorie to put this under.

The Namekians has Dragon Balls which when are gathered grants 3 wishes.

Having 3 can give the Namekians a massive advantage but they are impractical in the way that all 7 needs to be gathered.

This categorie is a draw.

[Reproduction and other biological features]

We know for a fact that Saiyans reproduce like humans.

It's also safe to assume that it takes 9 months for a Saiyan ti be born after it's concived.

Namekians are very different in the way that they spit out eggs.

If all Namekians are like Demon King Piccolo then it means that they can give birth to many Namekians in a short period of time at the cost of shortening their life span.

If all warrior Namekians are like Piccolo it means that they mature very fast and is already full grown after 3 years.

As seen with Goku it takes about 18 years for a Saiyan to become full grown.

However, far from all Namekians are warriors unilke the Saiyans where all the members of their race are warriors which gives Saiyans a big advantage.

It's shown mulitiple times that Saiyans needs lots of food or else they become weak wich is shown multiple times when Goku was kid.

Namekians do however just need water which gives Saiyans a huge dissadvantage.

This categorie is a draw.

              [Potential and transformations]

The Saiyans have many transformations.

Most are these are the different levels of Super Saiyan which far from all of the Saiyans can use.

It's also unlikely for an avrege Saiyan to reach this transformation because it requiers the user to feel rage.

I do belive Saiyans can get angry but not in the same way as Goku was.

Goku lost his best friend and it's likley to assume that the Saiyans don't share the same kind of bond wich eacother as humans do.

(Keep in mind that the TV special "Bardock the Father of Goku" isn't cannon)

I don't think the Saiyans would be able to make a Super Saiyan god either because A) They don't know thar it exists B) There are almost no good hearted Saiyans.

The Saiyans do however have their Zenkai boost which makes them much stronger when the come back from the brink of death.

The game changer here is the Oozaru transformation.

This occurs when Saiyans see the full moon and turn into giant apes and mutiplie their power by 10.

Elite Saiyans can create arificial moons wich works at any time and any place.

Namekians doesn't really have any transformations but they have the abillity to merdge together.

This makes the fused Namekians become much stronger and they keep the two Namekians it was fused by's memories.

It's unkonwn what the multiplier is for the fusion but it's safe to assume that it's way more than 10 times.

The bad thing about this transformation is that it decresses the nummber of Namekians so if a fused Namekian dies more than 1 life is lost.

The Saiyans win this categorie.

              [How I think it would play out]

Now when the two races are analysed it's to to explain who would win in a war and how I think it would play out.

The war starts by the Saiyans trying to take over Namek.

The Namekians are poorly prepared when the Saiyans arrive.

The first few hours many Namekians villages are destroyed by the Saiyan forces and many Namekians are killed.

The Namekians would then gather their warriors and do a counter attack.

The Namekians are much less than the Saiyans in nummbers but becuase of their stronger avredge power level, their abillity to regenarate and the Namekian healers the Saiyans would get pushed back.

No Saiyans would not have any use if their Zenkai boost because of their prideful nature which would make them refuse to retreat.

The Saiyans would regroup and attack again.

This time the elite Saiyans would create arifical moons and all Saiyans would become Oozarus thus getting 10 times stronger.

The army of Oozarus would destroy the Namekian forces.

Soon only 10% of the Namekians reamains.

Many Namkekians decide to fuse with eachother and now there are Namekians that rival the power of the Oozarus but only 5% of the Namekians remains.

Meanwhile the Namekians gather their Dragon Balls and summon Porunga.

They wish for Porunga to kill all the Saiyans but he is to weak ti do that.

Instead Porunga tells them the Saiyans weaknesses, their tails.

The Namekians uses their two remaining wishes he bring their two strongest warriors back to life.

The Namekians are informed about things he Saiyans weaknesses and starts to cut their tails. At this point less than 3% of the Namekians are alive.

Without thier tails the Saiyans turned back.

Even the if the most Saiyans had turned back they were still not dead and there were many more Saiyans then Namekians left.

Even tough the reamining merged Namekians were much stronger than the Saiyans they would grow weaker and weaker until the Saiyans would be the last ones standing.

Even tough the Namekians were surperior in almost every way the Saiyans had something that turned that around, the Oozaru.

The only way for the Namekians to counter that was through their fusion and that made their biggest weakness even bigger, their lack of warriors.

When they fused there where fewer but stronger Namekians.

Even though can regenarate the will get triered sooner or later when fighting so many Saiyans a eventualy lose.

The winners are the Saiyans.