Who would win Doom vs Ultron


Like I said I am very deep in both but Marvel has also 2 things DC doesn't: The Heart of the Universe and the Infinity Gauntlet. Which would probably beat off a HUGE fraction of DC. Though one thing I definitely agree with is bringing Batman to the winning factor of DC is like bringing Hawkeye to the winning factor of Marvel. Batman could probably outweigh only like Captain America because of all his weapons and gadgets. I think Marvel would vote a greater fraction of it and in my opinion if there was a movie on this I would be chanting the whole time, Marvel, Marvel. Because I NEVER miss a new Marvel movie. DC I honestly don't really watch because the characters are way to OP. Especially the heroes. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. Ya, you know what I mean. Like that new Batman V Superman movie coming out in 2016, I am not a huge fan of seeing that. Also, in the big battles, like Spectre V Living Tribunal and Thanos V Darkseid. I think Marvel would have a greater fraction. Because Tribunal and Thanos have the Heart of the Universe (Possessed by Living Tribunal) and the Infinity Gauntlet (Possessed by Thanos). So to all you DC members, you would win on a lot of the battles. I am not against DC, I am a man of my word and I tell the truth. Though I am sorry but Marvel would probably win a better fraction of it.