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IELTS certificate validity

English proficiency test like IELTS, take months to prepare. The time we clear it, the very next thing that bothers us is the validity. We will discuss the validity of the IELTS test, but before that let’s have a brief introduction of IELTS test. IELTS certificate validity

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a widely accepted English proficiency test across the globe.

This IELTS test is the most popular among the candidates who either dream to study and work or to migrate in the English speaking countries where this test is needed as a sole evidence of their linguistic skills.

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CEFR Assessment Test

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This was first conducted in the year 1989, since then it is perfectly managed and conducted by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

With the increasing competition in each era of our life, the race of achieving great has also bee increased. IELTS certificate validity

If you are taking the IELTS exam, then you must know who should take the IELTS exam!

So, the doors are not left restricted to our native lands but open internationally.

The steps in the ladder of the IELTS test is registration, fees, test dates, test location and then last the validity of the IELTS test.

Before moving to the prime agenda of this article i.e. validity of the IELTS test report but before let’s start with the initial steps.

Do you know about the IELTS registration process?

But before that, you need to be aware of both the types of IELTS that will apparently help you in choosing the right one for you.

Types of IELTS test IELTS certificate validity

Depending upon the purpose of interest to take IELTS test, the exam is further categorized into IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic Test

This exam is suitable for students who want to pursue a bachelor or postgraduate degree programme or the ones who are seeking professional registration in the UK.

Professional registration means you will get certification in reference of your profession. You will be entitled to use qualification titles such as Engineer (Eng.), Docto\r (Dr.) or Technician (Tech.)

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IELTS General Training IELTS certificate validity

This exam is taken by ones who are either planning to study, work or train in an English native land like Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the U.K.

IELTS Vocabulary 1

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In this exam, you will be evaluated on the basis of everyday usage of the language with the content or questions focused on workplace and social situations.

As we get to know about both the types of IELTS test, then the next step is to get aware of the eligibility criteria.

IELTS Registration: Eligibility

The most promising part of this IELTS registration is that there are no set bars for the eligibility criteria of this exam and is open for all.

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But it is duly recommended for the candidates who are 16 years and above.

IELTS test centre

There are 48 fixed dates per year (up to four times a month), on which IELTS test is available for you.

You are allowed to give this IELTS test on any of the 48 dates as per your preparation as well as according to your convenience.

IELTS has 4,500 test centres in 165 countries across the globe.

But one of the factors that decide your test location is your chosen test date.

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IELTS Test Dates

It is to be said that there is a limited number of places for all IELTS test session. IELTS certificate validity

IELTS Test Dates IELTS certificate validity

It is to be said that there is a limited number of places for all IELTS test session.

As we are already aware of its undeniable popularity, it is to be recommended that you can register yourself for IELTS test one month before so that you can get your desired test center.

You can check the IELTS test date here

Further, if you want to get up to date information about test dates and availability you can check here

After that, you tend to get yourself registered.

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IELTS Registration Process

You can register yourself in two modes. IELTS certificate validity

1. IELTS Registration Process: Online Mode

This is the most convenient way in two of the prescribed mode. As through the online mode, you can register yourself in IELTS anytime and of course, on any day.

After that, you need to pay the registration fees. IELTS certificate validity

2.IELTS Registration Process: Physical Mode

Regardless of IELTS Registration: Online Mode. The second option you get to register yourselves in IELTS is in person mode or Physical mode.

Choosing of IELTS test location IELTS certificate validity

When you will get yourself registered for the IELTS test then you will be asked to select your city and date of preferences.

Then after the chosen IELTS Test location, and you give the exam. IELTS certificate validity

Fortunately, after clearing the IELTS test, the only thing that bothers is the validity of the IELTS test report form.

On coming on the prime agenda of this article, let’s discuss the same.

The process to convert your IELTS score to CLB

The validity of the IELTS test report IELTS certificate validity

Fortunately, the IELTS test report form (ITRF) is valid for two years.

Though, from July 2018, there are some changes. The validity of Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications is extended to three years.

The expiration date is usually mentioned on your scorecard. IE

For example:

If the date mentioned at your TRF is 1st January 2017 then the IELTS TRF is valid until 31st Dec 2019.

Hope this article has helped you in a better way regarding IELTS TRF validity. Have a great journey ahead!