Who is smart Lelouch or L Lawliet

  • 1

    Realize that L is probably one of the hardest characters to impersonate, because of his high level of deduction and problem solving skill. It may almost seem impossible, but you have to try.

  • 2

    Look the part. Most articles demand the use of the same clothes, hair and, well, everything L wore/looked like in the series. Since everyone lives in different areas, from terribly cold (where they wear jackets most of the time) to awfully hot (warm clothing may result in heat strokes!), the costumes etc are not always achievable.
    • Wear whatever you're comfortable in. Whatever suits you. It doesn't have to be exact, but exact is an option. Suggestions include a t-shirt and sweats, or something that will blend into your surroundings. To be realistic, if you were L, you'd want to blend in. So, if it's fancy, wear something fancy.
    • Choose a natural color for your hair. If you must have some color in your hair, use black. Blue is the color that represents L in the anime to contrast Light's red, however, his hair is black and messy.
    • Don't do anything exhausting to achieve bags under your eyes. Get your rest. You're not all like L as you do need sleep to maintain your deduction skills.
  • 3

    Get the smarts. Even though L is almost superhuman in intelligence, try to achieve a broader topic of knowledge. The more you know, the smarter you'll seem. Being in school is one way to seem smart, as well as get smart. At least know what each precise word you say means. Also, correcting grammar and punctuation as well as spelling really doesn't hurt. The easier you make this for yourself, the more easily you will be perceived as smart.

  • 4

    Exercise stress-relief. Experiencing L's typical stress level (when you have too much on your shoulders, such as oh the Kira case) will give you aging lines, acne, and other skin and/or body disorders. It's important to pay attention to these things. You need to know when to just slow down and relax. L is never stressed, so it shouldn't show in any way upon you.

  • 5

    Read up on L's field of expertise. L is a forensic psychologist as well as a lead homicide detective. In order to seem like someone important to the world, one must have a background knowledge in the subjects relating to that person. You can find a good online set of lessons in basic psychology for free. The things you can learn from programs are phenomenal. Plus, if you are looking to pursue a career as something like L's, it's great to be ahead of your studies. A background in law is also a good thing.

  • 6

    Sit like L. He doesn't sit, but more of crouches. If this is uncomfortable to you, either shift your weight to your butt instead of your feet like L does, or find some other odd way of sitting. Just sit however you find comfortable and make it your own.

  • 7

    Imitate L's walk. L walks in a very slumped, and bent over manner. You can achieve this by sitting over a keyboard your entire life, or you can just pretend. It takes a lot of effort to remember full time to slump over. It also takes at least a month to train yourself to slump full time. The easiest, and best thing for your back and neck is to not do it at all, but develop some other odd way of walking. L is an individual. No one else is like him. Consequently, be yourself.

  • 8

    Find a case to work on. L is constantly informed of everything. You can give others the same impression by being friends with everyone on a social networking site. You can also follow, or ask to receive email updates from any important website like your local news website, court records, or anything else that might report something worthy of an L-replicated mind's knowing. Try to check everything out twice a day.

  • 9

    Be the person going to bed last in your house, and being up first. That makes it seem like you never slept. The Task Force Investigators said so themselves that they have never seen L sleep. That is near impossible in some households, though. Consider sleeping on a different time zone, the one behind whichever time zone you are in. Like L, keep that a secret.

  • 10

    Emulate L's obsession with sweets. Have a sweet tooth if you like. Eat your sweets when everyone is watching. If you like, to make more of an impression, bring sugar cubes with you, and eat them like candy. If you are doing this part, tone it down a bit. If this kind of behavior affects your health negatively, or you don't like sweets, find a food you like and eat it all the time.

  • 11

    Be open about yourself as a human being. L will talk about someone with his own personal experience. His reasoning seems to serve to make his theories of someone's behavior more believable, or better yet explain it. When Light is looking at the porn magazine, L notes that he did strange things like that when he was young. Back to how he said he was childish, and he didn't like to lose. He was very open to telling everyone that, treating his experiences as a warning to others.

  • 12

    Increase your understanding of human emotions. Meaning, you must look at someone with trouble, from their point of view. Try to understand how they feel, without pouring your entire heart into it. Emotionally L is a very stable, calm person. The idea of not connecting your emotions to everything will be easier and easier with time.

  • 13

    Practice facial expressions. L's most common one is a bored face. He has no smile, big, black eyes. Watch his face next time you see the anime. Grab a mirror and try replicating them without looking like a freak. L never looks - well, that's not true, everyone has their moments.

  • 14

    Practice vocal delivery, and tone of voice. L's voice is very quiet and soothing. He enjoys bringing attention to him, so that his point will come across smoothly, plainly, and without needing to rephrase, or repeat. L is a significantly lazy person, as a person alone. He has a servant (Watari, though his service is voluntary), and always gets what he wants, no questions asked. You must master the same effect with tone of voice, body language, and bargaining.

  • 15

    Try to remain unaffected by others' opinions. If someone says you are weird, do not let it get to you. L has a low tolerance for being wrong. He remains calm on the outside, but on the inside, he resents the fact you might have been right. He is, in this way, very childish. So when someone tells you you're weird, pretend to take it into consideration with a blank face.

  • 16

    Look into martial arts. When Light punched L in the face for being depressed, L kicked Light straight in the face claiming "either way, an eye for an eye". L knows martial arts to protect himself. You need some basic defense courses as well. In the final manga it was stated that L was a master at Capoeira; that may be a good martial art to look into. As much as you won't believe it, some people dislike smart people. Be ready, someone might lash out physically, or mentally at you. Have your weapons on guard!

  • 17

    Be in shape. Even though L doesn't look like it, he is actually pretty athletic.