Who are BTSs favourite western bands

BTS are currently bringing their brand of awesomeness to the U.S. as part of their current world tour, and the boys managed to find the time for a hilarious interview with iHeartRadio!

Lead by Rap Monster on the microphone, BTS answered a heap of interesting questions about their music and their American tour, but the most interesting part of the interview by far was when the boys revealed their favourite American pop songs.

Rap Monster set the bar high straight away by naming Drake's "Fake Love" as his favourite American song, before diving right into a hilarious cover of said track. Jimin named Frank Ocean's "Lost" as his favourite song (though he didn't sing a cover), while and J-Hope picked "Uptown Funk" has their current jam. As for Jungkook, he - unsurprisingly - named Charlie Puth as his favourite American artist right now.

Check out BTS' interview with iHeartRadio right here and let us know what you think.

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