Which products are the best for elderly

Posted By Troy Diffenderfer on Jan 8, 2019 |

As they grow older, senior citizens need more assistance with activities of daily living, including personal hygiene. It can be tough to maintain proper hygiene as we age, but luckily there are numerous senior hygiene products out there to help your loved one.  Seniors may not be able to reach as far as they used, so they may need devices that extend in order to reach certain parts of their body. Here are some very useful senior hygiene products for seniors that make their lives easier.

1. Adult Diapers

Some of the most popular and important hygiene products for seniors are adult diapers. Adult diapers are crucial to a senior’s daily routine; so it is very important for the senior to have reliable, absorbent and easy-to-use diapers. The top adult diaper brands include Depends, Tranquility, Attends, Prevail, and Tena.

Depend is one of the most well-known and sought after brands offering adult incontinence products. Depend brand products are more affordable compared to some of the others and have a wetness indicator that warns the user when it is time to change their diaper. These diapers are easy to use, have soft leak barriers (which prevent side leaks), and feel more like underwear.

Tranquilityis the most absorbent diaper brand and guarantees maximum odor control. These diapers are made for those with more sensitive skin and are not made with latex; the goal of these diapers is to minimize diaper rash.

Tenaoffers odor protection and other options such as pads and specialty underwear. The prices vary depending on how many diapers are in each package, the absorbency level, size, and type of diaper (pull-ups or tape-ups). The prices vary depending upon the brand, absorbency level, and the number of diapers per pack. Typically, the prices can be as low as $8.99 but can go all the way up to $45.

2. Shower Brushes

Seniors need some help while showering since it is harder to reach certain parts of their body like their back, legs, feet and any other lower parts of the body. One of the senior hygiene products that may get overlooked is shower brushes. Having a shower brush that extends a senior’s reach would be very helpful such as a back brush, a long handle loofah, a long handle sponge, or other shower items. Typically, these products can start out around $5 and go up depending on the type of brush.

3. Nail Clippers

The elderly often struggle with their unsteady hands that are unreliable to hold on to items such as nail clippers, so it is really beneficial to have nail hygiene products that make it easier to clip their nails. There are products that have an easy grip so seniors can hold onto the nail clippers with ease. Another product is a nail clipper that is suctioned or mounted onto another surface so all the senior has to do is push down on the nail clipper to clip their nails. There are also long reach nail clippers that have a longer handle for seniors to clip their toenails. These products can cost as low as $3.99 (for easy grip nail clippers), up to $19.95 (suction-based nail clippers) or more if the senior needs something more advanced.

4. No Rinse Bathing Wipes

No-rinse bathing wipes are the perfect type of hygiene product for seniors who struggle to get out of bed or in the shower. The senior does not need to soak or rinse these wipes; they just need to wipe their bodies, dispose of the wipes, and feel clean. These wipes provide the senior with an alternative to a shower. Eight wipes are equivalent to one shower or bath. The senior will be refreshed after using them because they take away any residue that they may have and be odor-free. No rinse bathing wipes usually have 8 wipes per package and cost as low as $2.

5. Denture Adhesive

It can be very uncomfortable for seniors if their dentures will not stay locked in place, so a good denture adhesive is very important. Denture hygiene products are important and there are four major brands that most people use: Super Poligrip, Fixodent, Seabond, and Secure Adhesive.

  • Super Poligrip provides a very strong hold all day and is designed to keep food from getting in between the dental plates.
  • Fixodent also has long-lasting hold and prevents gum soreness.
  • Seabond gives a strong bond as well and lacks the ooze of paste that is sometimes evident with the other brands.
  • Secure Adhesive is non-water soluble, meaning saliva and other liquids will not affect the adhesive. This brand will not rinse away while the senior is eating or drinking. The costs of the denture adhesives can be as low as $3 or up to $30, depending on the brand.

6. Long-Handled Brushes

Brushing your hair might not seem like a chore, but when you are elderly and lack energy, it can be a struggle. Long-handled items are really helpful for the elderly; it gives them the ability to take care of their own personal hygiene. Typically, the prices of long-handled hairbrushes range from $7 to $35.

7. No-Rinse Shampoo Caps

No-rinse shampoo caps have the same principles as the no-rinse bathing wipes, but it is for the senior’s hair. Shampoo and conditioner are in the cap, and the senior can heat it up if they want to. The cap is placed on the head with all of the hair inside and massaged until the hair feels saturated, which should take 1-3 minutes. If the hair is very dirty or has some foreign material in it, then the user should massage their head a little longer. The cap will leave the senior’s hair fresh, odor-free and clean. It is one of many great hygiene products for those who are unable to get into the shower or leave their bed.

8. Reusable or Disposable Waterproof Bed Pads

Even the best diapers can have a leak so it can be really helpful to have other types of urinary hygiene products such as bed pads or under-pads. Depending on the size and type, bed protective pads can cost as low as $3.99 or up to $59.99. There are two types of bed protective pads: reusable bed pads and disposable underpads. Reusable bed pads are more expensive than the disposable underpads, but since you can reuse the pads you can save more money.

The bed pads have multiple layers that absorb the liquid and keep the bed dry. Some bed pads have flaps that you can tuck in for a more secure hold. Most bed pads are easy to use and discreet, while the waterproof outer edge prevents leaks or spills from escaping. The bed pads’ absorbent center soaks up the liquid and kills the bacteria, which prevents any odor.

Disposable underpads are very absorbent and prevent leaks as well as control odor. But as the name suggests you dispose of these pads, instead of reusing them. This can make the under-pads more expensive since they only last overnight unless the senior did not have any problems. These bed protective products help make the senior feel more secure and protected as they sleep.

9. Incontinence Rash Spray

Even if the diapers or pads, whichever the senior is using, do guarantee rash protection it can still happen. If the senior forgets to change their undergarments, fall ill without any help, fall asleep or is too weak to change themselves; then they could develop a rash. There are many creams and sprays to help seniors with their rashes. The price range for rash sprays and creams typically is from $3 up to $20, unless the senior needs something more advanced.

10. Personal Hygiene Long Reach Wiper

Any activity of daily living can be a struggle for seniors, including using the restroom. It can be hard for seniors to wipe themselves, so having a personal hygiene long reach wiper can be a huge help. By having a longer handle to place the toilet paper on the end and using that to wipe themselves, seniors can remain independent and dignified. The cost range for these products can be as low as $7.99 or reach $44.99.

Do you have any other recommendations when it comes to senior hygiene products? Feel free to comment below!