Which languages do you consider elegant


>Does anyone want to venture an opinion on what is the most elegant
>programming language in the world today?  

What do you mean by elegant? I can think of these criteria:

1) clear and conceptually well founded semantics. I guess Prolog and LISP
would do well in this area, as would many other logic and functional
programming languages.
2) as little syntax as possible. Prolog, LISP score high again.
3) as little keyboard-typing as possible during development - I would pick
something like Prograph.
4) similarity to human thinking. You would have to look at neuronal nets,
frame-based systems, rules-based systems or whatever else you think
actually resembles human thinking. I guess you could make a point for OOP
here, too.
5) scalability to any project-size. This is probably still unresolved,
no language that I know of does that well. If that is important to you, I
would not so much look at the language itself, but at the actual tools
6) personal anti-stress factor. Pick your favorite language ;-)


BTW, does anyone have any electronic documentation for LPA MacProlog? I
have a demo version here and need some kind of list of built-in predicates
and GUI documentation.
Ulrich Mayring