What things are pointless to you

Humans have come a long way since our Neanderthal forefathers, but sometimes something happens that makes you wonder just how much we've evolved. Are we really so crazy about our health, that we need diet water? Unbeatable eggs? A case for a banana that is already equipped with a perfect guard called a peel? Though you would say that those are useless things we say it's marvelous! These utterly weird things perfectly depict how creative we are in every sphere imaginable. Yes, sometimes the ingenuity is a bit over-the-top, but hey, stairs that seemingly lead nowhere might be a portal to some other dimension. You just have to take a proper look. And the road sign containing a message that it is not a road sign might carry a more profound message.

Check out this list of utterly crazy things compiled by Bored Panda and don't forget to turn on your imagination when trying to understand what purpose they could have. Although, we are pretty sure that if this list of funny things would reach Darwin's hands, he might be a little disappointed in the evolutionary processes.

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