What music do US cops always listen

I'm posting this answer ... as a rural old white guy with no ties to the police department.

There are problems on both sides of this issue. LOTS of problems! Some police officers come on the scene where there is a black subject and they prepare for the problems they expect will happen. In extreme cases they might release the catch on their holster or even draw their weapon just because they expect trouble from a black subject. Certainly there are a lot of officers that are not like this, but the stereotype is there, and it's causing a problem

Some black men come into a situation involving the police expecting trouble too. The ones that expect trouble are likely to not listen to or follow instructions of the officer, when these men put their hands where the officer can not see them (reaching behind their back at waist level for instance) the officer might get the idea they are going for a weapon.

Put a black man that is expecting trouble from the police and a police officer that is expecting trouble from a black subject in the same situation ... it don't take much for the situation to go bad.

How do we fix this? It's going to be hard as hell, but it could be done. More qualified black applicants taking the police competitive exam would be a good start. With more black officers on the force there is a greater possibility of tearing away the "expect trouble from black subjects" stereotype AND .. as a bonus ... Blacks in the community will see people they know (and that are black like them) on the force. This would go a long way toward building trust in the police department.

Some blacks DO listen to the police, just as some whites do not ... the police and the black members of our communities (not "the black community" ... they are as much a part of "our community" as my family) need to get at mending the relationships between the two

Both sides have problems, and both must address those problems and change for the situation to get better.