What makes someone an asshole personality wise

"Having a name like foster"

LOL. Sorry but that is funny.

To be an asshole, so many versions, so many definitions. No particular word or phrase or action. It just is an apt definition for someone and you just instinctly know one when you see one, or when you are acting like one.

Most answers given are all variations on the same theme, acting worse than a jerk, being negative, saying hurtful things, cheating, stabbing someone in the back, cutting someone off in traffic, not abiding by the rules, disregarding people's feelings and putting self first, it goes on and on......And yes it could be someone's personality, there are people who are continuously *** holes and so you could just say "he's a complete asshole" a complete one is someone who is almost always one because they have serious issues. Not all assholes are permanent ones. They can be temporary assholes such as the person cutting someone off in traffic, they may be really a lovely person on any other occasion.