What is working at an oilfield like


The oilfield, the glorious oil field. Or as I like to call it. EL DORADO. The money is awesome. You can make more then you know what to do with out here, but the old adage is true. More money, more problems. That's how it is for most the guys out here. They don't know what to do with it. They blow it. They become LIFERS. They're chained to the patch. The chain is long enough to let you believe you can leave at anytime, but it whips you right back over. You ain't going no where boy! Yeah, go buy your brand new truck, get that new expensive habit, buy a house for your wife that you wont ever see, give her a credit card that you wont ever use, have you a couple of girlfriends that sit at home and spend your time. YOUR TIME. Because, that's what you should be working for out here is time, not money. When you're here you have no time, no life. You are married to the field. You better save every dime you earn if you ever want to see that glorious thing called time again. Money has a funny way of tricking you into thinking you need it. This industry will chew you up and spit you right out, and you'll blindly go back for more. Well because you have to out of chaos you've created on your "new found wealth".

If you want my advice. Stay out of the field. It will make you a jaded *******. The oil and gas industry is great for those that work in the offices in downtown Houston. The field is great for young bucks full of **** and vinegar, felons, morons, and lost souls. If you have an education behind you with somewhat of a level head stay away. Stay as far away as you can. Do not be tempted by the dollar signs. Because if you come out here thinking you're going to "pay off some debt", think again.