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 Dictionary entry overview: What does exploited mean? 

  The adjective EXPLOITED has 2 senses:

1.developed or used to greatest advantage

2.(of persons) taken advantage of

  Familiarity information: EXPLOITED used as an adjective is rare.

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Sense 1


Developed or used to greatest advantage


unexploited (not developed, improved, exploited or used)

Sense 2


(of persons) taken advantage of


exploited; ill-used; put-upon; used; victimised; victimized

Context example:

after going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used


misused (used incorrectly or carelessly or for an improper purpose)

 Context examples 

I had read sea-romances in my time, wherein figured, as a matter of course, the lone woman in the midst of a shipload of men; but I learned, now, that I had never comprehended the deeper significance of such a situation—the thing the writers harped upon and exploited so thoroughly.

(The Sea-Wolf, by Jack London)

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"If talk is silver then silence is gold." (Arabic proverb)

"He whom the shoe fits should put it on." (Dutch proverb)

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