What is the best alternative to TrackSmart

RotaCloud is an all-in-one online Rota Management and Staff Scheduling platform with simple drag and drop interface for building rotas as well as tools for managing time-off requests, logging employee hours, track attendance and more. This cloud-based tool also allows managers to create, share and manage rotas and ensure that employee and staff are on the same page at all times. It can be accessed using any desktop or mobile device with internet connection and the native mobile applications for iOS and Android that enable employees to check their schedule and manage their shifts on the go. The rota planning tools within this solution allow HR professionals and managers to create staff schedules using the simple drag and drop interface, tacking into the account and more. With this users can manage and build rotas for multiple locations and unlimited numbers of employees. Staff roles can be assigned and color-coded in order to aid the user in understanding where staff shortages occur, and conflict can be avoided with the automatic alerts when an unavailable employee is added to the rota. Reminder, approve process control, time tracking, role-based permission, payroll management, API, employee management, automatic notification, and human resource integration these are core features of the solution. Overall, RotaCloud is one of the best online Rota Management and Staff Scheduling platform as compared to the others.