What is black magic Myth or reality

Black Magic - A Myth or Reality (Kaala Jaadu - Yathaarth Ya Kalpana)

Most of us get very skeptical when it comes to Black Magic.Many believe there is no thing as black magic. 

It has been mentioned in the ancient scriptures with the name "Abhichaar" so we can see that it existed in earlier times as well.   

Many a times you might have experienced sudden deaths in a family, sudden deterioration in health and no effects of any treatment on health, bad luck, insanity, sudden losses in business and extreme financial crisis due to no apparent reason, sudden relationship problems within husband and wife leading to divorce etc. They may be result of black magic.

Why is it Done ? Black magic is done by people for their own personal gains. But it is also a fact that the person who gets it done and the person who does it do not escape from the ill effects later on. 

What is Black Magic ? Black magic is the manipulation of energy for own benefit. The same energy can be used in a positive way to heal the people as well.

What to do to Save Ourselves: You might have seen some lime or turmeric and rice on banana leaf, deepak at cross roads or any other strange looking materials. Stay away from them and do not cross over them.

Give the smoke of guggul or loban every evening in your home. They are powerful mosquito and insect repellents and they are very effective in removing the negative influence of black magic or spirits.

Do daily worships and play chanting of mantras in your home so that the environment stays positive. Negative influence always stays away from the positive environment. 

Never do or think bad about others. Someone may get hurt and incline to do black magic on you. 

Wear a ten mukhi rudraksha.

Recite mahamrityunjay mantra daily for at least 108 times. 

Recite Gayatri mantra daily.

There are many other remedies to neutralize the effect of black magic but it is not possible to explain them all here.