What is a meaningful song

If you hear a song on the radio, and it strikes a chord in your soul: 

You may have been guided by Spirit to turn on the station to listen to that song. 

This could be a healing message for your soul. The notes of music can act as sound healing, that can bring out certain emotions, beliefs, and ideas for examination and healing.

Just like how a sound healing session can sometimes bring out tears in the recipient, as can some songs on the radio bring out healing in us. 

Sometimes we hear a song on the radio, and it just feels too synchronistic to be true. All the words call out to you. You get shivers up and down your body. The words appear to be precisely on the mark to a question you were seeking the answer.

What is the meaning of it, when you keep hearing a song internally, and then it plays? 

Throughout the day, you find yourself singing this song in your head or out loud and asking people you know if they remember it. 

If the song is pretty old, and not a new release, there is a chance that someone is trying to get your attention. 

Hearing synchronistic songs can also be a sign your spiritual awareness is increasing. As you open up to Spirit, your ability to manifest synchronicities like this also increases.

Usually, experiencing synchronicities like a song sign is a clue you're on the right path. Song messages, when heard internally, could also be a sign you’re clairaudient or have a gift in music.

Decoding the message: what are you doing when you hear the song? 

This may tell you what the message means and where Spirit hopes you apply it when you hear the song, pause and reflect on what you're doing, and how you're feeling.

How you respond emotionally may contain information about the message.

Spirit likes to provide answers to the question. So, what just happened in your life? What were you just concerned about when you heard the song?

The answer to these questions is typically the message the song you hear will be attempting to answer. Your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels frequently use songs and music to deliver messages to you.

If you ask, often, they may even play songs on the radio per your request.

Need a pick me up from your husband on the Other Side? Ask him to get your wedding song on the radio. Need guidance on an ending friendship? Ask your Guides to share with your wisdom through a song.

There is always the factor of chance, but also you have to factor in probability.

What are the chances of you turning the radio to this station and this unique song to play right at this moment? Or for lyrics to show up in your head from out of nowhere?

Why does Spirit use music to deliver their messages? 

Spirit can use the energy in electronics to send you messages. 

Energy, which travels through the wavelengths of air, is easily altered by Spirit and elements in the Universe, whose entire operation is in the realm of Energy.

Connecting with you through a meaningful song on the radio is one of the most favored forms of communication by your Loved Ones. 

With how easy it is to get you to tune in, right at the right time, they love it. Our intuition guides most of us to healing songs, so it is a divine arrangement. 

Songs can elicit in all of us intense positive emotions and stir up wonderful memories, so they can be a great way to get a message across. Songs can also cause you to rethink things, too.

They can shift your outlook, mood, and entire day - which is why they are a very typical "sign" that is sent. They activate the soul.

When to expect a song sign

Song signs are most common after the death of a loved one when grief is at its heaviest point, which can last up to six months. Also when:

  • We're undergoing a spiritual transformation

  • Receiving Spirit messages from others proves to be typically challenging, such as the times when we lose faith

  • Those we love in Spirit are popping in to cheer our mood

So to recap, when you hear a song sign: