What is a kitchen pilaster

For a clean finish to the periphery of your cabinet run or simply some extra ornamentation, we recommend our timber pilaster range. Our pilaster collection consists of six pilaster types in a variety of sizes (height is fixed at 870mm to match cabinets - standard cabinet height of 720mm plus cabinet leg - but thickness and width varies).

Though the pilasters essentially share the same attractive, standard shape, each will create a different 'look' when in situ: some are simple and classic; others - such as our moulded pilasters - are more complex and ornate. Each pilaster is available in a range of finishes (painted or lacquered to match your cabinets, oiled to match your worktops, or simply unfinished) and in a selection of different timbers, depending on the type. To fully integrate your worktop into the kitchen we recommend choosing a pilaster in the same timber or applying a matching edge profile (where applicable). There is a pilaster to suit every taste - and every kitchen!

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