What happens if someone eats stool

it dies lol --- Well that wasn't a very helpful answer, thank you person... let me see if I can improve upon it. It depends on what you mean by "nightshade." the Solanaceae family of flowering plants is commonly known as the "nightshade" family. But this family includes many different plant species such as: Datura, Mandragora(mandrake), Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade), Lycium barbarum (wolfberry),Physalis philadelphica (tomatillo) , Physalis peruviana (Cape gooseberry flower),Capsicum (chili pepper, bell pepper),Solanum (potato, tomato, eggplant),Nicotiana (tobacco), and Petunia. Now you can see, some of these plants are things you - and bunnies - may consume regularly such as the bell peppers. Where other have different adverse affects. But I will assume what you mean Atropa Belladonna or more commonly just Belladonna. Which is often called just "Deadly Nightshade." Interestingly enough, despite the high poison potency for humans in just about every part of the plant, cattle and rabbits can eat the plant without any kind of perceived harmful effects.