What do you think about Naples Italy

My wife and I plus two Friends, went on a round trip by car 45 years ago. We went out of season, slept in the car for four nights. reached as far as Naples in the late evening.We all found it a bit creepy.

We booked into a hotel, this man took us through and up the stairs, then to our surprise, open a door that led us onto a gantry, over the road, then into this other building, then to our room.I must stress that we did not see any other person on the way.

Next morning we took a stroll around the town.

Quite a contrast to the night before, absolutely milling with people, anyway we came to the end of one street, and on the corner a man was beckoning me to come over, I did, and had the shock of my life.

He swung open both side of his coat, displaying a mass of small pistols. I could not understand Italian. He was trying to sell. But a shaking of my head and hands, told him I was not interested.

This does not make it a bad place, just somebody trying to make a quick buck.

Anyway we got back as far as the Swiss border and the car broke down.

Left it in garage,cadged a lift back to the port.

Car returned six months later, repaired.