What are the preparations for advertising

In the preparation of advertising copy do not be satisfied with a mere business card, containing the name, business and location, but tell a story in each issue of the paper.

The copy need not be changed for each issue, or, perhaps, oftener than once a week, but it should be changed from time to time and should be seasonable. That is, in the spring of the year it would be seasonable to advertise that boilers and heating plants are put in condition so they will not deteriorate by rust during the summer. In the autumn it would be seasonable to suggest putting heating plants in working order for cold weather; but an advertisement in midsummer urging repairs to the heating plant would be hopelessly out of season.

The wide-awake business man will study his locality and suit his advertising copy to local conditions. For instance, in localities where the public water supply is derived from a surface source, during an epidemic of typhoid fever the time would be ripe for advertising and selling water filters. In the wintertime, in cold localities, where the usual contract work is at a standstill on account of the weather and water freezing in pipes is a common source of trouble, an advertisement to the effect that the plumber had a steam or electric apparatus for quickly and cheaply thawing the pipes would be seasonable and appealing, for it would impress every householder troubled with frozen water pipes.

The foregoing examples are given to illustrate the point of time or season in advertising. The plumber should not forget, however, that his main business is selling and installing plumbing goods and fixtures, and should prepare most of his copy with that end in view. In order to attract prospective purchasers to his place of business he might state that he handles a well known and highly sanitary line of goods, which are installed at reasonable cost, and point out the convenience of having running water in the house, the labor saved the woman of the house by having stationary laundry trays, and the delightful feeling of personal cleanliness as well as the health attending on the installation of a modern bath room. The talking points in plumbing are innumerable, and should be studied and worked over in an advertisement until they form a forceful and convincing appeal to the householder. Do not try to work in all the arguments in one ad, but take up one month the kitchen; next month the laundry, and then follow with the bath room, changing the copy at sufficiently frequent intervals so the story will, though old, be ever new.


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