What are the best smelling hair sprays

In the world of styling products, hair spray definitely earns our vote for most improved. Forget the crispy, crunchy, stiff, shellacked hair of decades past (you've seen photos of your mom's hair in the '80s, right?). The latest and greatest formulas are more undetectable than ever, no matter their hold level. Speaking of, when it comes to selecting a spray, the hold is the most important piece of the puzzle. On one side, you have flexible, or light-hold formulas. "I think of these as working hair sprays, the ones to use while you're styling your hair and maybe aren't 100 percent ready to commit to a finished look," advises Mark Townsend, who works with Dove and clients like the Olsen twins, Dakota Johnson, Hilary Swank, and more. He adds that these sprays are easier to brush out and still allow you to manipulate and play with your style. In the opposite corner, strong-hold hair sprays are your finishing touch, best for locking a style in place, says Townsend. He also likes these for tamping down any errant hairs around your hairline or nape of your neck when you're sporting a polished pony or updo — similar to how you would use an edge control. Townsend likes to spray a tiny bit of hair spray on a (clean, obviously) natural-bristle toothbrush and use it to smooth down flyaways. Whether you're in the market for a soft or strong-hold spritz — or want one of each — we've got you covered with these 16 standouts.

By Melanie Rud Chadwick