Was Karna better than Arjun

If the Mahabharata is to be followed than there is no warrior equal to Bhima.

He even performed better than Arjuna.

He killed Hidimb,Bakashur, Jaransandha and Kichak singlehandedly.

In Kurukshetra war he didn't have a charioteer in Lord Krishna neighter he had a unbreakable chariot like Arjuna.

Dronacharya's chakravyouh was successful only becs Bhimsen was checked by Jayadrath with the help of boon of Lord Shiva otherwise Abhimanyu couldhad been saved.

Why Bhimsen is better than rest.

He fought with Bhisma and was able to check him.

He fought with Dronacharya and got the better of him.

He fought with Karna and Ashwatthama and was able overpower them in some occassion.

(ofcourse he had to also taste defeat from both Karna and Ashwatthama)

He had defeated Karna on 17th day with ease compared to Arjuna who had do lot of labour to kill Karna.

And Arjuna was saved by lord Krishna on that day and also becs of the curse factor the outcome in favour of Arjuna was possible.

So its cleary prooves that Bhimsen was better than Arjuna and rest.

But why Bhisma and Guru Drona rated than Arjuna better than Bhima .

And also if Karna couldhave been defeated with so ease why Yuddhistira was scared of Karna.

There are many hidden facts inside Mahabharata.

Like why Karna who was defeated by Bhimsen suddenly became invincible in the night of 14day of war and nobody came to fight him except Ghatokacha.

And by the way Karna was not a Dushashan to be tear by Bhimsen he had previously defeated Jarashandha in wrestling match a feat achieved by very few Karna,Bhima and Lord Balarama.

And where it is mention that Karna was humbled by Bhima in rajasooya yagna .IF so both Yuddhistir and Duryodhan were the most foolish to overrate them.