Should I be worried about my future

You are 18. I'm twice your age and I still worry about my future. That is normal. What I lacked at your age is 1) confidence, 2) a clear plan with alternatives, and 3) my own ideas (i.e. parents, others influencing your decision). Let me tell you this is #1 You can listen to the ideas of others but do not let others make the decision for you. It's your life. They may be well meaning but don't let others decide what will make you happy. #2 Don't get discouraged about college. Maybe you were just in the wrong college. I had no choice in my college. I was told where to go. #3 You may have different jobs in different companies. That's common. Identify skills and interests. Now, is the time to explore your interests. It's much harder to experiment with careers when you are my age and with debt and a home. #4 Make contacts and network even if that means that you volunteer somewhere to learn a skill/explore a career path. Your contacts will be an invaluable source to get jobs. You need to concentrate on building your skills both technical (i.e. computers) and soft skills (i.e. team player). #5 - Always stay away from buying stuff. Go the cheap route. I see people every day that no matter how much money they earn, they are broke. Don't borrow trouble. Stick to just what you need. Concentrate on savings. If you learn to live without now for something in the future, you'll be way ahead of many people more than twice your age. #6 When you get a job etc., talk with your parents about how to contribute to your household (i.e. chores, pay them some rent in exchange for some freedom/control). It will be like a landlord/tenant relationship instead of a parent/child so that you can gain some freedom in your home life and not be dictated to. It's a give and take relationship. They will be reluctant to allow you freedom to explore in your life because they want to protect you. So, if you negotiate your relationship, you can try to gain some more control over your situation. #7 Don't feel like you have only this boyfriend. Things change as you age. Stick with him if things are going but don't feel obliged to play house at a young age. Concentrate on cutting out your own path and things will eventually fall into play. I wish you a lot of luck.

Just be patient with yourself. It's hard out there and I wish someone told me not to keep doing things just to please my parents at your age and that I got myself more independent back them.