District 3 Street Resurfacing List for Year 2 of the Birmingham 5 Year Resurfacing Plan

Below is a list of District 3 streets that will be paved or resurfaced in year 2 of the Birmingham 5 Year Paving Plan.

Below is a summary of the 1-5 Rating System for street pavement conditions that Planning, Permits, and Engineering uses in their assessments. This is primarily a two-outcome system: either resurfacing is recommended or it is not. Please note with the incorporation of the Patching Contracts we have now been able to repair some “2” rated streets and remove them from being recommended or similarly patch a “3” to keep it from dropping to a “2”. These ratings, other than a “5”, are based on “window surveys” in which we drive the route and do a visual inspection from the vehicle. No measurements are taken.

1 Failing Condition – Recommended for resurfacing, severe defects.

If action is not taken soon then there is a possibility the asphalt base below the wearing surface will be damaged, and the road subgrade may be in danger as well, which would result in the need for a complete road rebuild instead of a just a resurfacing repair. Drivability is highly impaired. Ex: multiple potholes, old patches, alligator cracking, major rutting, heaving, and depressions.

2 Poor Condition – Recommended for resurfacing.

An asphalt mill and seal can preserve the life of the existing road base and subgrade. There are noticeable defects that if not treated can become severe. Drivability is deteriorating. Ex: potholes, old patches, rutting, block cracking, edge cracking.

3 Fair Condition – There is still “life” left in the existing surface.

Drivability is not impacted. There may be small but negligible defects. Use of a joint sealant or slurry seal may be able to be used to extend the life of the road instead of a resurfacing. Please note these are not treatments the City has used yet. Ex: reflective, transverse, and longitudinal cracking; minor rutting, patches.

4 Good Condition – There are no noticeable weathering/aging defects.

There may be occasional utility patches that do not impact ride.

5 New Condition

Resurfacing recorded in the database; the road has been resurfaced since 1993 (first year of resurfacing records) and is reset to a “5” until it has a subsequent inspection.