Birmingham Police Captain Sellers on how to report drug-related activity.

Birmingham City Council District 3

South Precinct: (Capt. Sellers and Lt. Hays) provided the following information about how the Police Department handles information about drug-related activity reported by citizens.

Phone numbers for reporting drug activity…or other criminal issues

Vice/Narcotics: 254-6416 - you can call them and leave the information anonymously if you wish, or leave your name for a call back

CrimeStoppers: 254-7777 - will take information on a recorded line and forward to the correct agency (you can ask for a call back.)

South Precinct: 254-2793 - ask to speak to a supervisor or give the information to the desk Officer

Dispatch Non-Emergency: 328-9311 - dispatch will send a car to the location, information can be given anonymously  (you may ask for a call back and/or a ‘visit’)

How the Birmingham Police Department  handles drug issues/complaints:
  • Typically, the investigation begins with the Beat Officer talking with concerned citizens who have information for us. The beat officer will attempt to watch the location for a period of time to develop evidence illegal activity is taking place.
  • This happens by either conducting traffic stops, field interviews, or probable cause arrests made as a result of watching a location. Once the officer develops enough leads and information, the officer will then send a report to our Narcotics Unit, who then begin to develop leads in their own way.

  • We cannot reveal every tactic, but after Narcotics develops enough probable cause for a search warrant, the search warrant will be executed and additional arrests will be made.

A person can contact our Narcotics Unit directly as well to provide information.


Addressing the drug epidemic is something the Birmingham Police Department does on a daily basis. Often the public is unaware of exactly what we do, which leads to the perception we do nothing. I assure you that is not the case. The Department does what it can with the resources we have available. In addition, we continue to urge the public to call us and provide pertinent information to assist in arresting persons involved in any illegal activity. (The more eyes and ears the better.)

In short, the Department continues to address the on going drug epidemic. And we continue to urge the public to report the activity.


Full narcotics investigations can be quite lengthy, and can sometimes take a year to develop into a solid case. This is because when we make an arrest, the Department wants to ensure it is solid and we get the most charges as possible. This is in addition to the many arrests that occur before the big bust.