Is P ATD one man

Man, this fucking Scooter Braun shit, like what a piece of shit, right? You guys know about this dude? It just, like, broke my heart. I read Taylor’s statement, I was like, that sounds about right, ya know? Toxic, toxic dudes doing toxic bullshit in this toxic industry… What a fucking asshole. I thought that was illegal. To do a business turn behind the people who wrote the stuff, like, you can’t do it without their knowledge. There’s like a certain amount of time legally you have to, like, let the people know… Like there’s gotta be a precedent for that, not toxic masculinity, not these fucking idiots who are just ya know… He doesn’t sound like a very good person, does he? Do you stand with Taylor? Of course, I mean it’s just a fucking shitshow to learn how awful people can be, ya know? Just for a profit. P-R-O-F-I-T. Just for a monetary gain and maybe some clout. I don’t know what kind of clout they feel they deserve because it like, dude,  you screwed over a young artist early on and know you were screwing them over. Everybody involved in that is a piece of shit, man.

Brendon Urie on Twitch 7/1/2019