Is Malmo a nice place to live

Congrats, Sweden is a gem. Malmoe is a city in the south of Sweden with a few more ugly buildings than you would normally see in that lovely country, but the Stortorget (city plaza) is a beautifully preserved, historic area with nice restaurants. The climate of Malmoe is a lot less severe than that of more northerly stretches of Sweden, but you can still count on cold, rainy winters with the odd frost and some snow, maybe down to minus ten if things get really bad, but global warming has softened it there, too.

The good thing about mlmoe is that you can easily go to places like Lund or Helsingborg for a little visit and shopping, but also across the Oresund Bridge into Denmark, which is quite different from Sweden and a lot of fun, too.

I would keep it in mind that the quality of life in Sweden is superb, and that there are gorgeus little hamlets everywhere in the landscape where you could live in some cool little house and commute in comfortably over the absolutely immaculate roads they have there. 30km out is no problem, but keep in mind that petrol costs a fortune (AUS$ 3.20 a liter), so go for a smallish car if you want any money left over. Plus: Don't be shocked by the income deductions! 50% is the norm, so you'll really only have half of what you earn.

Source(s): I love Sweden, and I would move there any day.