Is David Beckham Christian or Jewish

by former UKIP prospective Member of Parliament, Jack Sen

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Although David Beckham rarely made mention of his Jewish heritage (mother is Jewish) while playing in Europe, he quite remarkably appears to have “found himself” and a renewed  ‘love for Judaism’ in the US, according to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

Although Jews are underrepresented as athletes, they are overrepresented in the media, Hollywood, television and American professional sports world.

In fact a 2011 Harvard University study claimed that a whopping 57% of Sports administrators, owners, broadcasters, pundits and tv/radio personalities, & writers are of Jewish origin. Quite astounding when you consider that Jews constitute less than 2% of the U.S. population.

Knowing what we do about the importance of being Jewish to other Jews, and their overreliance on nepotism when hiring – is there any doubt Becks new found penchant for all things Jewish may have more to do with his business interests than anything of a personal nature?

Sort of like Mila Kunis’s fabricating tales of anti-semitism in her native Ukraine the moment she found herself a Hollywood casting agent? (Worse still when they exploit it to get away with murder.  Think Uber-paedophile Lord Greville Janner and Labour MP Luciana Berger playing the anti-Semitism card the moment they’re accused of impropriety.

“So what I sodomised your sons! You’re an anti-Semite!”)

Michele Kaufman of the Miami Herald, and a mouth piece for Beckham’s/Miami’s recent MLS team bid, reported that Beckham had exercised his option to buy a MLS expansion team for $25 million, which he had received as part of the contract he signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy (operated by Anschultz Entertainment Group) in 2007, and that he was working with “bankers and investors to have a new stadium built in town.”

Seems David Beckham is cleverer than he appears.

Exploiting one’s Jewish background to make a few bucks is as old as the Wailing wall itself.

Part of me actually believes Beckham’s embrace of Judaism is one of the primary reasons he made it as big as he has in LA. Having Beckham on the J-Team is an incredible coup.

Whenever an attractive WASPy conspicuously gentile looking person of Jewish origin has a chance to make it big in Hollywood, they typically do. (Thank god Luciana Berger is too ugly to get away with it)

Think Scarlet Johansson and Jennifer Connelly, Orlando Bloom (Blume) and James Franco.

In fact when I first heard that Beckham and his repugnant wife were going to try their hand at Hollywood, I was sceptical.

Although Beckham is a quality lad, and a great footballer in his heyday, he was on the downside of his career, playing a sport with only marginal popularity in the American market.

Yet, folks seemed certain he would make it big in Tinsletown.

Now we understand part of the reason why.

Although Beckham once made mention of his “Jewish background” in a Daily Mail interview , it wasn’t until he crossed the pond that his Jewishness made headlines. Seems Hollywood was as enthralled with Becks journey back to Judaism as they were his underwear ads and six-pack.

And Just how Jewish is Becks now?

Beckham told a top American Jewish magazine “at least one of his children is enrolled in school at Stephen S. Wise Temple.” Beckham also stated that he hopes to raise his children in the Jewish faith and “get them all Bah Mitzvahed”. Seems Bah Mitzvah can also be used as a verb.

And boy has his newfound Jewishness ever gone over well. The J-Post, Jewish News, Jewish Thinker, Jewlicious, Ynet news, TMZ, Something Jewish, CNN, Jewish Journal, CBS, ESPN, HBO, ABC, among dozen of other well known networks and websites have done features on the story.

Beckham, you clever rascal!

My guess Beckham didn’t advertises his newfound Jewishness as much in France while playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

And are folks aware that Canadian ‘black’ rapper Drake, with 500 million youtube hits was raised Jewish? He and Beckham came out together a few weeks back before pitching some sort of product to investors I am assuming.

And what’s the most Jewish of all the Hollywood industries? Porn. Enjoy

contributed by Jack Sen