Is Cambridge better than Harvard

The reason why Harvard University is consistently ranked higher academically than the University of Cambridge is obvious.

1.) Harvard is better internationally known than Cambridge. Meaning, Harvard can more easily recruit and instantly draw the brightest and best professors, scholars, students, and talentfrom around the world.

2.) Harvard's endowment and its cash reserves are thelargest in the world. This meansthat Harvard hasunlimited resources to pump into its superior academic programs while beating the competition.

3.) Prestige. A Harvard diploma essentially means more. More career opportunities, more job offers, and higherincomes on averagethan students who study at other universities.

4.) The London Times THES rankings consistently rank Harvard as well as Yaleacademically higher than Cambridge, and Oxford for that matter.

5.) Harvard has medical and law schools which are widely considered to be the best in the world.

It goes to say that Cambridge is an excellent university where one can achieve a superior education. However, what is evident is the fact that Ivy League schools throughout the years and in many aspects, consistently outperform Oxbridge to the extent that attaining an education from Harvard is now the standard and epitome of academia.