Is Anthony Fantano pro alt right

Source: YouTube

A number of shows commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Anthony Fantano’s The Needle Drop have been canceled, presumably due to the controversy surrounding an alt-right YouTube channel he had.

Fantano was supposed to have shows in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, but all of them have been canceled. Fantano’s association with thisistheplan, the YouTube account in question, was not really known until a recent story that the Fader published on it. As the Fader writes:

He started the channel in 2007, initially posting earnest covers of songs by Man Man and the Mountain Goats. At first, it was little more than an offshoot of The Needle Drop, but increasingly, thatistheplan took on a bizarre life of its own — sometimes with a stark contrast in tone. Until today, Fantano updated it regularly, posting dense videos full of references to memes and other YouTube channels you probably haven’t heard of. His vocabulary took on a screechy, 4Chan-friendly slant — video titles from the past year include “pepe the frog triggers hillary clinton,” “I CHANGED MY GENDER CUZ DONALD TRUMP,” and “MEGA-CUCK SAYS POKEMON GO IS LIKE DOGFIGHTING.” He raged against SJWs and feminists, and, in video after video, treated black musicians as a punchline.

Following the Fader’s attempt to speak with Fantano about thisistheplan, the channel was taken down, although the video blogger and critic said he took down the account because YouTube would not let him monetize it anymore.