How soon will electric cars become commonplace

The President and chief executive of Porsche Cars North America, Klaus Zellmer, believes electric vehicles will soon become commonplace throughout the United States.

In an opinion piece published on USA Today, Zellmer writes that, despite some people having concerns about electric vehicles not catching on in the U.S., he believes there are a number of clear indications that everyday consumers “are about to embrace EVs as their daily drive.”

Zellmer first points to the success of Tesla in the and notes how the Model 3 outsold any other premium sedan in the country last year. Zellmer believes that just like what happened with the proliferation of smartphones that were introduced after the iPhone in 2007, consumers will be welcoming of new competitors in the electric vehicle space and will “respond well” to the expanded choice of EVs.

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The Porsche exec goes on to signify the importance of the rapidly-expanding large-space charging infrastructure coming to life across the country. Companies such as Electrify America (a VW Group subsidiary), ChargePoint, EVgo and others will make electric charges accessible to the masses. He also says that “electric vehicles are cleaner than they have ever been” thanks to the increased use of renewable energy in their production.

Porsche’s all-electric Taycan is just around the corner and, according to Zellmer, the company has enough interest in the vehicle to easily sell-out its first year of production in the U.S. Additionally, the Macan SUV will become all-electric in the coming years.

“Frankly, EVs are fun to drive,” Zellmer says towards the end of his article. “That should mean something coming from someone like me who is immersed in the Porsche heritage of 70 years of gas-powered sports cars. Electric motors provide instant torque for quick acceleration, and the lower center of gravity from battery packs will reinforce the sporty feeling.”


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