How smart are INFPs

1. They struggle with procrastination. The personality has a difficult time knowing how to time a commitment—and they're eager to please and will take on more than they can chew.

2. They can be super lazy. If not matured they'll never clean their rooms, pile up dishes to the moon, and have their spouse or roommate take care of all financial concerns.

3. They struggle to say what concerns them. Sometimes this can lead to extreme passive aggression where for the other person there is no win to the situation.

4. It's a completely friendly and warmhearted personality. Challenging these innate qualities they hold with negative arguments will result in unpleasant reactions from the otherwise sweet personality—or they will just leave to take a big nap.

5. This personality has some of the greatest struggle getting their crap together. Between college and getting settled in a career, all of it is really overwhelming. They can do it but should be encouraged to take it day by day.

6. They have a terrible, horrid time getting over someone from their past. They have such devoted love that turning a relationship off and letting their heart hurt for a moment is near impossible.

7. They will protect themselves in a hidden, isolated, and distraught shelter with a fountain of tears pouring out their chest. It would be better for an INFP to talk out their problems with someone, so they don't slide into depression. Those dominated by feeling and intuition sometimes struggle to express their emotions into words they feel comfortable sharing with others.

8. They are stubborn and has a difficult time seeing where they may be off kilter.

9. They have a difficult to expressing their selves as a child, and instead of relying on speaking with empathy they may have been cruel or mean to others. Their giant hearts are a difficult gift to accept and master.

10. They have a horrid time with theory and trying to figure out its application. Their worst nightmare would be to be stuck in a room with several intense philosophers waxing their theoretical desires.

11. They may feel that they're terrible at communicating and go through huge streaks of isolation. In fact, the INFP is charismatic and great at having a wide range of friends. This personality is well suited to a more ambivert personality that can take them under their wing and help them to speak up more.

12. They desire to do something is strong; however, their stamina is small. Don't ask too much of them because they have a small gas tank and you can overwhelm them by asking too much of a favor.

13. It takes some time to get to know them and to get them out of their shell.

14. They may suddenly give up and quit in fits of spontaneity. They can suddenly decide they don't want to be in a relationship, scrap an entire project, leave their home. They may often then regret their decisions.

15. They are one of the most creative creatures on the entire planet. They have a difficult time opening up that creative world to others because they hate criticism so much, and bringing something out into the world might not turn out right.

16. They fold too quickly in conflict. Unfortunately, people can use this to their advantage if they want them to fold.

17. They struggle with developing their intuition and need to be around extroverts to develop it.

18. They dream super big all the time—but need help when it comes to getting things done.

19. They're a dreamer but can be downright impractical.

20. They can be so overwhelmed by their emotions that they're unsure of what they want.