How reliable are rental figure skates

Riedell Skates and Eclipse Blades, skating products that you can be passionate about since 1945!

Riedell Shoes, Inc. has created a tradition of excellence through quality, innovation and fresh design in the skating industry. For four generations, Riedell has handcrafts high-quality, reliable and elegant ice skating boots in Red Wing, Minnesota, USA – using only the best materials!

Riedell has partnered with top organizations to become a skating industry leader for initiatives like lower heel heights, making more durable ice products and using lighter, longer lasting, materials. At Riedell, we stand behind our products, our customers and our skaters.

Our ice skating boots, Eclipse Blades and complete line of figure skating accessories enhance comfort, fit and performance. Riedell ice skating boots and Eclipse Blades will keep you on the ice longer, in better form and ahead of the competition. At every skill level, you can trust your passion for figure skating to Riedell’s proven skating products.

As the Riedell brand continues to grow, so does our team. We are proud to announce that Laura Lepistö has joined Riedell as Brand Manager of the Ice division.

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