How is a telephone useful for us

The telephone is a telecommunications device which is used to transmit and receive sound (most commonly speech). Most telephones operate through transmission of electric signals over a complex telephone network which allows almost any phone user to communicate with almost anyone. Two types of communication are essential - external and internal. · Externalcommunication reaches out to the customer to make he or she aware of your product or service and to give the customer a reason to buy. This type of communication includes your brochures, various forms of advertising, contact letters, telephone calls, Web sites and anything else that makes the public aware of what you do. Image is extremely important in external communication; your telephone message should reflect your professionalism. Professional telephones are a full-service external telecommunications solution for both small and large companies such as, · Telephone Answering Service · Voicemail · Order Taking · Scheduling · Live Chat · Fax · Live voice · Setting Appointments · Outbound Client Surveys · Internalcommunication is essential to attracting and retaining a talented staff. You must provide the direction for the company by consistently communicating that message; you must motivate your staff through various forms of communication, which can include awards, newsletters, meetings, telephone calls and formal and informal discussions.