How do I ingest more coconut oil

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about coconut oil is how to “eat” enough of it each day. Many readers email me or leave comments on my 333 Uses for Coconut Oil post wondering how to eat more coconut oil.

I had never given much thought about how to eat coconut oil let alone how to eat MORE coconut oil. I literally added it to just about anything. But after reading all these emails I realized that people really weren’t sure if it was safe to put coconut oil on certain foods. They were also worried about the coconut flavor and whether something would taste ok with coconut oil added in.

I sat down and made a list of all the ways I eat coconut oil on a daily basis. I also brainstormed other ways you can add coconut oil to your diet. I think I can up with a really comprehensive list of ways to eat more coconut oil. I’m sure I missed something though so by all means, please leave a comment with how you eat coconut oil!

21 ways to eat more coconut oil daily:

  1. Eat coconut oil straight off a spoon. Ideally you would do this before meals and more than once per day. You can either keep the coconut oil in a more solidified state or you can consume it in a liquid state. Simply a matter of preference. If you are unable to eat coconut oil “straight up,” check out the rest of my suggestions on how to eat more coconut oil.
  2. Saute vegetables with coconut oil or a mix of coconut oil and butter or avocado oil.
  3. Pan fry with coconut oil. Coconut oil has a very high smoke point which makes it great for pan frying with. I pan fry meat and fish with coconut oil as well as eggs.
  4. Make a stir fry with coconut oil.
  5. Top your rice with coconut oil. It can also be used with any other grain dish.
  6. Bake with it! Coconut oil makes any baked good even more delicious and nutritious. Simply use it in place of the oil or butter called for in the recipe.
  7. Add it to smoothies or blended drinks. This is a great way to get it into children who might balk at the taste and/or texture of coconut oil.
  8. Make ice cream with coconut oil.
  9. Add coconut oil to warm beverages. It works well in hot beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, egg nog, or chai lattes. Just be aware that the oil will float to the top in a hot beverage. Since oil conducts heat, those first few sips might be a tad too hot.
  10. Use it in salad dressings. I personally prefer to use a 50/50 mix of coconut oil and olive oil. It tastes great with tarragon or rice vinegar.
  11. Pop popcorn with coconut oil.
  12. Add it to a bowl of soup.
  13. Use it in place of butter on toast, bagels, muffins, scones, etc…
  14. Add coconut oil into a bowl of warm oatmeal.
  15. Add it to cooked pasta.
  16. Pour melted coconut oil over anything you would put butter on or in – like potatoes or steamed vegetables!
  17. Mix it into peanut butter, another nut butter, or sunbutter for use on sandwiches, dipping apples or celery in, or just eating off a spoon!
  18. Add coconut oil into yogurt. Be sure to mix it well.
  19. If you fry foods, use coconut oil instead of vegetable or corn oil.
  20. Make coconut oil “candy” and eat enough of these daily to get your desired dose. Try these Coconut Oil Chocolate Chunks, Coconut Oil Nut Butter Cups, and Coconut Oil Chocolate Melts.
  21. Don’t want to make coconut oil candy? No worries. Mix coconut oil with a dash of vanilla, a pinch of cocoa powder, and a wee bit of honey. Scrumptious!

A couple of important notes about coconut oil!

  • Never microwave coconut oil to melt it! Microwaves destroy all of the beneficial properties. Instead, place the desired amount of coconut oil in a glass jar or measuring cup. Place the glass in a bowl of hot water. It will melt fairly quickly.
  • Coconut oil can be kept in the refrigerator during warmer months if you prefer it in a solid state.

What about the coconut taste?

I get it. It might be hard to eat more coconut oil if you don’t love the taste of coconuts. That’s why there refined (aka expellar pressed) coconut oil. You get the same benefits without the overpowering flavor of coconut oil. Total win!

Wondering where to purchase coconut oil? These are my favorite brands!

I hope these suggestions help you with your daily intake of coconut oil. How do you prefer to consume coconut oil? Anything I missed?