How do I dab without wasting oil

Sadly, we do not cover making edibles or what it takes to make THC distillate but we shared a few places that do! Experiment at your own risk.

Orally ingesting oils or edibles guarantees your body will receive 100% of the ingested amounts of THC/CBD, however, they will take at least 20mins to kick in on an empty stomach and up to 2 hours for some people depending on tolerance and metabolism.

Majority of hospital visits involving edibles are due to this giant time gap that arises with how long it takes a body to process before taking effect. Eating too much too fast because "you do not feel it yet" are famous last words before "I need to go to the hospital" an hour after you tossed another two brownies in your mouth. No, CARRL, you need to take a deep breath because you're likely having a panic attack from the onset of anxiety you ingested with your 3 double-stacked brownies. Either way, do not refuse a friend the right to go to the hospital if they seriously feel the need. Medical emergencies are no joke and need to be assessed right away.

Beginners often do not realize the length of time it takes for edibles to kick in which can really land them in an "overdosed" feeling for hours; not fun.

Inform, educate, THEN experiment. Learning the other way sucks.