How did you let your pain go?no_redirect=1


Please…let go of your pain, and make room for the best parts of your life.

Wanna read an amazing quote?

“Hold on to pain too long, and it may become hard to remember who you are without it. Letting it go can feel like losing a piece of yourself…but that was never you to begin with.”

That was said by one of my former high school students, Amanda. She spoke those words online back in 2014, and I repackaged them in one of the Truth Bomb blog posts I was doing back then.

If you’re like most people, you’re holding onto pain you no longer have any real use for. Let it go.

And I’m not just talking about the emotional stuff.

I’m talking about bad habits that cause health problems. And financial distress.

I’m talking about beliefs you have about yourself, your skills, your worthiness to be abundant and wealthy.

I’m talking about what you think about people who make a lot of money.

Side note: I watched one of those Hallmark Channel type Christmas movies a few nights ago. One of the main messages was that being rich meant you were greedy.


Being rich means you figured out how to leverage your talent, and put yourself between something of value and what someone is willing to pay for it.

That’s a good thing.

Because if you don’t introduce people to a good product or service –  yours or someone else’s – another person will.

And they might not be nearly as cool and awesome as you are!

Let go of your pain.

Let go of your embarrassment.

Let go of your doubt and fear.

You are bigger and better than you give yourself credit for.


How will your life be better when you’ve let go of whatever pain you’re in?

Comment below. Like and Share above. Someone needs a role model for letting go of their pain.

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