How can I hack into police records

Hi Rich,

I'm not too sure how this question was approved, but just of curiosity, what are the offenses you're trying to remove? There is a great risk in hiring a hacker to do any job, especially this. Be aware that many people like to call themselves hacker, but in reality are merely script kiddies. Avoid searching sites such as HackForums and go4expert where everyone thinks their a hacker.

In order to do such a task you would have to have read & write access to the NCIC database. The common "steal a police car and change your police record" simply won't work as they only have read access writes. So to indirectly assist you in your search, you will need someone who has hacked the FBI before. If your crimes are sex offenses there is another database which will need to be rooted, but I'm not for sex offenders clearing their record.

The simple act of you attempting to change your criminal record is a felony, as I assume the last thing you want to do while attempting to CLEAR your record is to ADD TO IT... I would hope you go the lawful way (just this once) and attempt to seal your record (aka expungement). Of course there are other ways to do this, but less viable.

Simply removing your offenses from a database isn't enough, as their are offline copies and paper copies elsewhere. If authorities even suspected something was up, they could check them. Take that money and invest it into the dream team.