How can I get revenge online

Angry at your boss, coworker, ex, roommate or anyone else?  Now the internet offers a variety of ways to settle the score.  This article looks at a few websites that help you to get sweet revenge against someone who has wronged you. does not endorse any of these websites and you should use common sense before indulging in your desire for justice.

At readers can see stories about how others have gotten revenge and they are categorized into different types.  There are even complaints like the type you would read on the popular consumer site

An unusual site called automates the revenge process for you and states they will, “automatically sign up the target’s email for 400 online email lists and submit their address to spam affiliates.”  As you might imagine, this makes the recipient’s email unusable, perhaps permanently.  This process is offered for free by and only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

A hub article at explains why you might want to get revenge and then offers tip such as using poo, water, bird and grass seed to make someone suffer.  All of her tips can be found at

Using social media such as Twitter or Facebook is the topic of another hub article at There are a variety of ways these tools can extract some satisfaction.  However, the author cautions that some of these actions may get you kicked off the services.

And if these websites do not satisfy what you are looking for, a Google search for “get revenge” currently returns 578,000,000 results, so you have some other options too.