How are lithium batteries made

US Lithium Ion Battery Manufactures & Brands

We are compiling an ever growing list of USA Made Lithium Ion Batteries, which might include large corporations, small companies or individuals.

There are currently 5 companies in this list, which might include lithium batteries made from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some may also contain a percentage produced outside the USA.

We've included a few details about the companies and their products along with direct links to both the manufacturer & various on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special offers & more.

AllCell Technologies

AllCell designs and builds cutting-edge lithium-ion battery packs for transportation and renewable energy applications. Their batteries are protected by a proprietary thermal management technology, which allows AllCell to produce lightweight and compact packs with extended cycle-life and industry-leading safety. AllCell recently completed an expansion of their production facility in Chicago that allows them to economically produce batteries in both large and small lot sizes.

Braille Battery

Braille is a world leader in battery technology. From AGM to Lithium-Ion Braille understands the importance of zero failure. Braille Battery is the pioneer of batteries that just can’t be matched using advanced materials with both aerospace and nano-particle technologies. Braille becomes the first company in the World to bring to market a Lithium OE Replacement starting battery in Group 34, 48 and Group 49 sizes, all built in the USA.



Founded in 2004, EnerDel is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with manufacturing in Korea and Indianapolis. EnerDel was the first in the U.S. to mount a commercial-scale production of large-format, prismatic, lithium-ion battery packs and over the past 10+ years, EnerDel has worked to perfect the prismatic pouch cell design and modular stacking architecture, providing customers with production-ready solutions to address a variety of power and energy storage needs.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls offers a portfolio of lithium-ion battery technology for a range of vehicles. And with manufacturing facilities in Holland, Michigan, where their facility became the first in the United States to manufacture lithium-ion cells and complete hybrid battery systems for automobiles, they're able to provide lithium-ion batteries that meet customers' power and energy needs around the world.


Since their founding, SureFire has been committed to being a U.S. manufacturer. This means that many of their products are designed by American engineers, right here in the U.S. - in California - and all of the materials, components, and labor involved are also sourced from the U.S. This includes machining U.S. sourced aluminum stock into illumination tool bodies and components at their own Santa Ana turning center as well as assembling, testing, and shipping our products from facilities in Fountain Valley, California. Their sound suppressors, rifle magazines, hearing protection earplugs, 123A batteries, and pens are proudly Made in the U.S.A.


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Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce electronic items here in America, may also have them manufactured in other countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.