Does power bank damage a phone

Power banks can damage your Mobile Battery

With the way many people use their mobile phones these days, it is becoming very crucial to keep the mobile battery charged very often. It is a fact that a high percentage of mobile phone owners need to charge their phones at least once a day. Of course, the perfect solution to charging the mobile phone will be to stay glued to a wall outlet to continue charging the phone. Well, this is practically impossible. To make up for the unavailability of wall outlets everywhere we go, using power banks to keep the mobile devices charged becomes the only option.

Power banks are special batteries in unique cases with an exceptional circuit designed to control the flow of power. It simply works by storing electrical energy that can be used to charge your mobile device later. Power banks are becoming extremely popular due to the long duration that people spend on their mobile phones.

However, evidence has cropped up to show significant doubts about using power banks to charge phones. Many reports have shown the possibility of power banks damaging a mobile phone’s battery life in the long run. With different discussions in various forums on this issue, it is imperative that one takes a closer look at the implications of charging a mobile device with power banks.

So can Power Banks Damage your Mobile Battery?

Most mobile phones need a power bank or wall charger that provides an output voltage of about 5V. The issue, however, is that there are many power banks that are of questionable quality. These power banks can distribute a lower or higher voltage than what is required to charge your cell phone. Using a wrong voltage to charge your mobile phone can cause serious damage to the battery life of your mobile device. Unfortunately, there is hardly any indication to show that a particular power bank is genuine or fake. Even if the output voltage written on it shows the ideal voltage, you should still be skeptical.

Does that mean High-Quality Power Banks will not damage my Mobile Battery Life?

Yes, if you purchase a high-quality power bank from a reputable manufacturer and you have an appropriate charging cable, you can rest assured that your mobile battery life is safe. It is crucial to check the output voltage of the power bank in relation to that of your phone. When the output voltage matches, there cannot be an issue with the battery life of your mobile device. In addition, high-quality power banks will prevent your battery from overheating, overcharging, over-voltage, and overcurrent. Although you don’t have to leave them plugged in beyond the charging period, when you do, the high-quality power banks do not overcharge your mobile device or impact the performance of the battery.

So what causes Low Battery Performance?

Generally, a regular lithium battery will have a minimum of 500 full charges in its life cycle. This means that if you charge your phone for 18 months, your phone battery would have exceeded the 500 full charge cycles. By this time, the performance of the mobile battery will be noticeably worse. If you use a mobile device that has a replaceable battery, you might change the battery at this stage.


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